We’re here again. In the quietest corner of my mind.

Every leaf that flutters with the breeze is heard. Every sigh of relief, is welcome. Every beat of heart, echoes.

All our problems are far away. Negativeness isn’t here to stay. I want to stay here and play.

Tales form from ages past. When things were darker and the toll was heavier. Let us revel in here longer.

Remember when we wanted to stand still instead of having to move to survive?

We feel so insignificant around others now. They’re way ahead of you in society’s game. We don’t care. We don’t.

Ice cold sweat that should be streaming but we keep our cool. Headstrong, far gone.

Bittersweet is such an interesting word. It sums up life.

The bell is ringing, put on your shoes. It’s time to leave this corner and face the world.

Originally published at wonderorwanderer.wordpress.com on June 28, 2016.

Business Consultant and Freelance Writer getting his mojo back. Email: connect@ahamednizar.com

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