Post Pandemic Planet: Intro

The COVID-19 crisis has changed how people perceive the world. Every major world defining event leads to different perceptions of the planet that we live on. This obviously isn’t the first time this has happened, from the Great Depression to the Dot Com Boom there are significant events in history that reshape the way we look at the world and the latest one is the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The virus is the first time in the 21st century that we are fighting an enemy on a global scale that we cannot see. This isn’t a terrorist organisation that is funded by world powers, armed with weapons and expanding its borders in a region. COVID-19 is a force of nature, created in the natural habitat that was adopted into the human world by the habits of human beings. No matter how much the world tries to pin this on China, it was just the country that it spawned in. Data for many years shows China as the next spot for a viral pandemic purely due to its population size and eating habits. An article published in the Clinical Microbiology Review in 2007 mentions the next virus as a time bomb from China. The full article is here or if it’s too much to read just watch Contagion.

Majority of the world is currently in quarantine. Some have imposed self-isolation since the beginning of January 2020 whilst others caught on much later. Some countries have closed off its borders and imposed curfews to limit the movement of people and the spread of the virus. Due to its long incubation period governments need to be extra careful with their people. The confinement of millions of people to their homes has shaken up everything, some for the better such as air quality, some for the worse such as the economy.

COVID-19 has given birth to innovation in the form of apps such as House Party and changed the perception of working from home. It has also opened the eyes of many to the value of health care, essential services and military leadership. Showed us how simple things that were never even thought of before are implemented overnight such as universal passive income and how religion reacts to a crisis in the modern world.

We will look at examples of how the needs of priorities of humans have changed after COVID-19 took over our lives and how the world may react to it. I will try to release the chapters as soon as I can so please stay tuned by following my account.

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