Christmas Day was even sweeter with the release of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max and in select theatres around the world, that is the ones that are open. …

Sunrise, Jan 1st, 2020

The start of the year 2020 was one word: amazing. The most futuristic-sounding year of my time will be the foundation of my pivotal success. Plans upon plans upon plans were made. An entire year scheduled and scripted to a tee.

From celebrating the New Years at the stunning Closenburg…

Because it won’t have a charging port

Screenshot by Author

People around the globe were glued to their screens to watch the newest Apple event on October 13, 2020, where Cupertino based Apple announced the iPhone 12 to the world. …

A journey of being better

The Indian Ocean by author


The year was 2013, I was in my first foray into tourism but at a very corporate role. I wanted to introduce more experiences to my clients, we were bringing them in by the busloads and having the same products that our competitors had wasn’t cutting it, I wanted better.

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A short poem about love and lies

But where do you go? Here are some ideas.

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Facebook Inc and its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been in the news for many reasons (most privacy-related) the past few years but the most noise was during the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Without getting into much detail, a data company called Cambridge Analytica harvested copious amounts of user data…

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We meet on Sundays
and we go out.
I buy you lunch.
We go lingerie shopping.

We grab some ice cream.
We argue about flavours.
You cry about the boys you have.
I whine about the girls I don’t have.

I come over to your place.
We watch some tv.
You come…

A Statement of Apple Being Replaced by Another

Screenshot by Author

Earlier I wrote why the Mac Pro isn’t for everyday users but for power users that work in industries and need a behemoth of processing power for their day to day tasks. …

Start-Up Lessons

Consultant or Freelancer these tips will help you.

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It’s been over a year since I quit my full-time job to make my way in the world in the ship of ATRIUM Consultancy. I got smart with myself and my social circles and decided to leverage my skills to my broad network. …

Screenshot by Author

I’ve been coming across many suggestions on YouTube from tech reviews channels such as Unbox Therapy and Marques Brownlee on the new Apple Mac Pro. Why am I getting video reviews of the most expensive computer in the consumer market? I don’t know. …

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